Glimpses of the third eco event by Growing Green Communities and Gambia Ocean Heroes

Growing Green Communities is back in action with their 3rd eco-event of the year on 23rd October, partnering up with Gambia Ocean Heroes. They connected, empowered, and inspired environmentalists within the country, whilst focusing on this month’s theme: ocean conservation. There were fun and educational workshops on ocean acidification and the ocean food web, eco-bricks and waste timeline and soap making with a twist (using seawater).

The venue was at the beautiful beachside location, Leybato Beach Hotel. It was a fantastic day for everyone who attended. Eco-friendly vendors and local businesses sold their products and networked with like-minded people. It was the perfect setting to get people talking and thinking about improving the state of the marine ecosystem within the country.

One of the unique things about the eco-events is the opportunity for passionate environmentalists to take the stage and talk about topics related to the theme. This time around we heard from Gambia Ocean Heroes, Their Voice Must Be Heard, Turtle SOS, City Link Ostend-Banjul & Soil Solution. All were so educational and definitely sparked a further conversation between the general public to work together on how we can protect the state of the marine environment.

Overall, the children got involved with practical activities, everyone that attended learned something new and we connected with more like-minded people. With every eco-event, we raise money for environmental groups, and we couldn’t be happier to announce that we raised a grand total of 13,550GMD for Tujering Youth Development Association! Follow them on FB to see how they will be using the money in future projects!
Thank you to everyone that attended! Stay tuned for the next one coming very soon! 😉
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