Glimpses of eco-event: Growing a Green Gambia

Growing A Green Gambia is the first Eco event held on 22 May 2021, the international day for biological diversity, at Yosh Restaurant. The event was organized by Growing Green Communities.

The purpose of the event was to:

  • Plant Our Future.
  • Connect with eco-friendly members of the community.
  • Get children involved in environmental activities.
  • Purchase natural, eco-friendly products.

The event featured influential, environmental activists and NGOs such as Green up the Gambia, Banko Foundation, CETAG, Soil Solution, Plastic Recycling and more. Each organization did presentations on problems concerning the environment bringing up possible solutions to these problems.
Many vendors were selling natural and eco-friendly products, such as recycled bags from rags, used bottles, car tires, food and natural skincare products etc.
Children were able to attend workshops on friendly environmental habits and how to keep the land safe and green. They practised planting seeds and learning about care for plants.

The profit from the fundraising raffle was handed over to the Women’s Initiative- The Gambia. The contribution will be used to support their efforts to help financially poor women to improve their leadership, decision making and income-generating skills, with the mission to raise their standard of living and turn waste into income!
And finally, entertainment program was covered by Gambia’s finest Musician Barhama Cham.

The 2nd Edition of this event will be held this month at MyFarm. Growing Green Communities is the expert at fun, educational and environmental activities. The slogan of the event is Clean Earth Gambia and My Gambia will be a partner again to make this day extra special.



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