Glimpses of Cultural unity event

Inspiring young-stars Charity The Gambia is a charitable organization with the mission to seek, create, find, and support educational programs that inspire children and young people specially girls to become lifelong independent learners. Their aim is to create safe and friendly environment, where young people can explore educational resources and improve their potentials.

IYS is also promoting poetry, drama and public performing of their youngsters, since this is the way to boost their self-confidence and become inspiring leaders. They promote literacy in their communities and bring it closer to the young people and their parents, to acknowledge the meaning of education and it’s importance for the youngsters’ future.

Through their activities they are indulging in debates and are discussing many concerning problems in the today’s society.

On the 3rd of April, they were hosting an event, called Tribal unification and appreciation of diversity. The Aim and Objective of the event was promoting national unity and appreciation of diversity through cultural exposition and tribal unification, respect for ethnic diversity and appreciation of political diversity.

The event was well attended, especially by the young in the community. Inspiring youngsters offered interesting programs full of poetry, dance performances, cultural display and music performances. It was inspiring to see so many young talent and their confidence in promoting literacy and unity.

If you want to get involved with the organization, click HERE to read an interview with the organization founder and learn about the “probably the only one 24/7 open” library in the Gambia.

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