Getting married in the Gambia

October issue

Gambia is a beautiful little country equally beloved by its nationals as well as tourists and expats who choose to move to the Smiling Coast and call it their home.

We are here to help you bring your African wedding dreams to reality!


It is no surprise then that so many people pick Gambia as their wedding and honeymoon destination. With beautiful sandy beaches, sunny weather, and tropical, relaxed vibe it is a perfect setting for both a beach or hall wedding, with a wealth of luxurious hotels perfect for your stay and perhaps even wedding reception.

The marriage process in Gambia is relatively simple however, it does require you, or someone on your behalf to collect, make payments and submit documents in person.

In short, the process consists of:

  1. Collection and payment of the Marriage Form
  2. Submission of filled out Marriage form along with photo ID and supporting documentation (at least 2 weeks before the proposed marriage date)
  3. Swearing in at the registry at least 24 hours before marriage date.
    Civil marriages can be conducted either in the Ministry of Justice or at your venue of choice.

Apart from the picturesque beaches and venues, another benefit to getting married in Gambia is that the cost of a wedding in Gambia is a fraction of the cost of a traditional European Wedding, which on average is about £30,000. Additionally, the flight time is only 6 hours from London and the flight prices are relatively low.

Understandably, organising a destination wedding, especially one in Africa, can seem overwhelming and make you feel like you don’t know where to start. This is why we decided to put our personal experience into practice and create a bespoke service that will take care of everything for you, so that you can have a peace of mind that everything will be looked after.

From collecting and submitting all required documentation, to sourcing the venue, DJ, caterer and all vendors that would make your wedding dream come true, we are always at hand to answer your queries and provide you with our advice and expertise. We are based both in England and Gambia, which makes communication and delivery that much easier.

If you have been contemplating getting married in Gambia but were worried that it might be too difficult to organise, worry no more and get in touch with us today for a quick chat and assessment of your needs.

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