Gambian Sounds: Miss Jobizz

Oumou Jobe, popularly known as Miss Jobizz, is a singer, songwriter, actress and entrepreneur born and raised in The Gambia. Her music journey starts at the age of eight when she started performing at her older brothers shows. She performed his rapping songs on stage with him, which made people begin to recognize her. After some time, she began learning about music and started to write lyrics for different people. At that time, she never thought of doing it for herself.
One day, her brother gave her a piece of advice that changed her life. He told her to do it for herself and stop writing music for other people. At first, she wasn’t sure, but later she gave it a try. She joined different music labels and sang for them as their artist, but later her songs were seized, and she couldn’t get any of them back.
Then she met the producer of JLIVE Music, one of The Gambia’s biggest music production companies. He saw the potential in her and asked to work with her. Seeing that they both have a similar passion for music, she signed a contract, and he created the beat for her first hit song, which pushed her out to the public. The song was called ˝Beh ni tah˝, which means each with their own style. Many women in The Gambia only sing in Wolof and English. She wanted to be different from others and wished to be unique in her style. That is why it was written in the Mandinka language and sprinkled with her swag. She became a hit overnight, and prominent Gambian artists began to look out for her.
Miss Jobizz continued to rise, performing on big musical platforms. In 2018, she launched EP, which she dedicated to her brother as she promised, because he has been supporting her all this time.
Like in every success story, also in hers, there were obstacles. Oumou’s greatest hurdle was her family, who was completely against the idea of her becoming a singer. Because of the stigma around female stars in The Gambia to be immoral and bad influences, her family refused to see their daughter take the same path. Slowly, she was able to convince them that this path is as good as any other career path in this country. She also faced the challenges of a lack of support from promoters and the audience. The music industry was more focused on male artists than females. There came times when she wanted to let everything go. Deep down, she knew she wanted to do it, but sometimes it is hard to keep doing something that isn’t sustainable. But her friend and biggest fan encouraged her to keep moving, and she decided to keep on pushing.
Today she is one of the youngest and most beloved female artists in The Gambia. After so much struggle, she is now launching her first album on October 30th at Pencha mi Hall. Advance tickets are GMD 300, gate GMD 400 and VIP 1000 to show support for female artists in The Gambia. It will be a night of fashion, dance and display of true talent.
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