Fruit of the month: Avocado

Avocado, popularly known as a pear in The Gambia, is a flowering plant that is believed to have originated from Southern Mexico. The plant is self-pollinating and grows in the rainy season. Large egg-shaped fruit is green when unripe and purple to black when it ripens. It contains a large seed in the middle, which many locals plant to grow a new tree after eating the soft part. The fruit has butterly green and yellow flesh when it is ripped.
Gambians love pear, and just like mango, some grow it in their compounds, mainly for household consumption. Some sell it in the markets to make some money.
Avocado is usually available almost all year round, but markets are full of it during the rainy season. It is also much cheaper at this time, and you can buy it from any fruit vendor on the streets on the Serrekunda market. Its price ranges from D50 to D150 per fruit. If you are going to weigh it, you might pay more for it.
The fruit is usually used in the preparation of a sandwich, salad or dessert. Some of the most popular local deserts with avocado are crushed avocado with sugar or an avocado milkshake.
Avocado is not only a delicious fruit, but its health benefits are also part of the reasons people eat it. Because of how nutritious avocado is, it is a popular part of many diets. It is rich in vitamins and fibers. In The Gambia, even the leaves, stems and roots are used for health purposes. Some use the leaves as a tea to heal stomachache, body ache and heart diseases. The roots and stems can be used to take care of other ailments like fever, etc.

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