Terinfili-Agro CBO (Community Based Organization) Is located in Darsalameh, Jokodu, NBR, The Gambia. Its primary function is to provide food security in the villages of Jokodu. We offer cashew fruit and mango fruit products once the season is over.

Cooked Cashew Fruit

We began our operations in 2006 at the request of the state of Louisiana to export the cashew fruit and nuts to New Orleans, Louisiana to provide food and employment to the misplaced people from Hurricane Katrina. The project was approved only to witness the defeat of the Governor of the state and the subsequent cancellation of the project.

In 2007 we revived the project in The Gambia as a way to reduce the spoilage of the cashew/mango and to convert these two fruits into new food sources that can be made available to the Gambia public.

We have been successful over the last five years in creating cashew jam, cashew jelly, cashew cake, cashew juice, cashew vinegar, cashew wine, cashew pepper soup, cashew syrup, cashew honey, cashew chocolate, cashew candy, cashew chutney, and cashew soap (scrub bar). Among others we also produce similar products with mango.

Telephone: +220 9989053/ 7906921
WhatsApp: +220 9989053
Location: Kotu West, on senegambia highway opposite Jamil’s Auto, one junction from Officer’s mess
From the garden restaurant and bakery
Open by reservation only

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