Explore Sanyang with quads, Jatta Easy Quad

Jatta Easy Quad offers a unique opportunity for four wheelers’ lovers, providing beachside quad rentals and guiding tours in Sanyang at Paradise Beach. The company was founded in 2018 by Warren “Abubakar” Barrett, which decided to showcase the beauty of sweet Sanyang to the rest of the world from a different perspective. He rode personal quad bikes through various routes and figured this might be an exciting view for the travelers as well.
Jatta Easy Quad’s base is located in Kayanco, Sanyang, where they welcome their guests for excursions and allow them to ride on their tracks to get familiar with the bikes. It is also home to the Titus mansion (Bed & Breakfast), of which some of the facilities (the pool, kitchen area, dining space, toilets) are available to those who come for an excursion. For beachside rentals, their guides can be found on Sanyang Beach. But even if you don’t see them, they are on standby, waiting for your call, after which bikes would be delivered within 15 minutes.
You can decide on a beachside rental and enjoy the view of the beautiful sea and nature or choose one of their guided tours. They offer:

Silver Excursion

GMD 1900 per person
  • a one-and-a-half-hour round trip tour of Sanyang in which u will experience the lakeside, dirt roads, Sanyang beach and the hidden beauty of sweet Sanyang (recommended for first time riders)

Gold Excursion

GMD 2500 per person
  • a two-hour trip starting from the base in Sanyang, taking you up to Gunjur and back, whereby you’ll experience the bush, dirt roads and beach riding of up to 8 km! And lastly, you’ll be led up to the grand Kenyee Kenyee Mosque located at the Gunjur beachside!

As mentioned before, the facilities at Titus mansion are available to those coming for a guided tour, where you can also enjoy a lunch buffet for a fee of GMD 300 pp.

If you decide on a beachside rental, you can choose between 30-minute and 1-hour rides, which are also guided. In the 1-hour ride, you will also be given the option to have an off-road detour. For 30 minutes, the price is GMD 650, and for an hour, GMD 1300.

So, when in Sanyang, don’t miss a chance to explore the beauty of Paradise Beach and its surroundings by renting a bike or taking a guided tour. You can contact Jatta Easy Quad for more information or send an email at info@my-gambia.com. We will be happy to assist you with creating an unforgettable experience.

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