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rufut Beach Brufut

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Brufut Beach Brufut
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AfroBeacitie Festival


AFROBEACITIE FEST-GAMBIA Dec 15th,16th,17th 2023.
Would you rather not wake up super early from the neighbor's loud music? Or rather not step out of your tent with your bare feet in an old bag of French fries from the neighbor? Do you like a clean campsite and don't mind lending a helping hand here? Then become a resident of The Greenside at AfroCity. Just as hard partying, but a little quieter when you're tucking into your tent after a long day of wandering the Festival Grounds.
Camping Tickets are only sold to 2-3 DAY TICKET HOLDERS. #COMINGOUTSOON!


Black Creatives

Brufut Beach is not only the perfect place for a huge, 3-day African Music & Art festival - it also enchants with its natural beauty. The Gambian coast is the backdrop for dramatic, moon-like scenery and mystical sunsets. 🌅
The Brufut beach area is fairly wide with nice golden sands. To get to the beach you would need to make your way down the rust colored cliffs dotted with trees and bushes using fairly steep paths. At the palm tree fringed beachfront you might see African pirogues parked on the sand, waiting for the tide to change, women separating fish and fishermen repairing their nets. Away from these places, the beaches are almost deserted, say for a few children playing or the occasional villager using it as a short-cut and THAT'S the new home for AFB FESTIVAL this December

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Brufut Beach

Come and enjoy the beach like never before...

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