Established in 1980: Saine Pottery

Saine Pottery is proud to be Gambia's first pottery studio, established in 1980. It was founded by Idirisa Saine. He travelled to many countries to learn this craft, from Norway, Indonesia, to England. He later ended up in the Gambia as the first modern potter. Saine Pottery is located at Brikama Kémbujé.

They produce Flower pots, animal statues, wall tiles made out of clay, floor tiles, incense burners, and more. They get clay from Faraba Bantang, which is 10 km away from Brikama.

The studio is a family business, and it is operated by Mr Saine’s wife and children. Abdoulie Saine is the manager of the studio. Their products are bought by people from all over the country and then sold again at different markets.

They hold training for Gambian students for their visual art practical examinations every year. Guests can also have the opportunity to experiment and experience working with clay during a workshop. One can witness the whole process of making a clay product with different techniques. Depending on the workshop’s choice, one can test own skills in making a clay art or two and take a souvenir back home. You can also visit Saine Pottery and get familiar with this specific craft and buy some souvenirs for your friends.

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