Established in 1971: The Fajara Club

Established in 1954, The Fajara club moved to its current location in 1971. The Fajara Club and Golf course is the oldest members' social club in The Gambia.

It is an integral part of life, and the purpose of The Club is to promote all aspects of the clubs’ activities, events and members’ stories. Being a member of The Club allows you and your family to use their wide choice of services and facilities:

  • 18 hole golf course
  • floodlit tennis courts
  • badminton court
  • squash court
  • swimming pools
  • volleyball court
  • mini football
  • gymnasium*
  • snooker/billiards
  • pool table
  • table tennis
  • board games
  • a quiet library
  • sports television
  • Wi-Fi access
  • bar & restaurant
The 19th Hole restaurant is a pleasant spot for refreshments and meals; breakfast, lunch or dinner. A delicious menu awaits you with a smile at affordable prices. The 19th features sports television too to follow your favourite sports action. Free Wi-Fi for members is available almost in all areas.
A swimming pool for adults and a small swimming pool for children make it perfect for spending a weekend or any other day at The Club with the whole family. There is also a small playground available for children close to the swimming pool in the shade under the trees.
You can attend Yoga Bliss Creations classes or become a member of Flex Fitness centre for an extra charge.
Flex Fitness is a modern and well-equipped gym with professional trainers at The Club area, but membership does not cover the cost of the gym. If you are a gym enthusiast, this is the perfect place for you. Safety measures are followed during this trying time.
The main sport activity of The Club is golf. Listed as an Extreme Golf Course of the World, the Golf at Fajara is always interesting. The 18-hole golf course is the biggest in the country. Small, big, national and international tournaments are organized regularly.
In May, The Course is to be renamed to “Sir Dawda Jawara – Fajara Club Golf Course”. Late Sir Dawda was an avid golfer and the first Patron of The Fajara Club thus, the Golf course will be renamed after him.
Photo Credit: Gremin K Manadan
If you are a beginner or would like to try the game of golf, you are very welcome to get in touch with them. They have a team of golf professionals who are on hand to assist with the basic of the game. Encouraging children to come and learn to play golf is one of their strong agendas.
Photo Credit: Gremin K Manadan
They wish to bring the game of golf closer to Gambians. Therefore they organize golf clinics where pros come and teach children and adults basics. Although golf is stereotypically known as a sport for wealthy people, their prices are affordable comparing to golf courses in many other countries. In other words, playing golf in The Gambia is much more reasonable than elsewhere.
Photo Credit: Gremin K Manadan

While visiting The Club and having a discussion with chairman Mr Mohan and club secretary Mr Balan, we witnessed one of their friendly matches, which started at 9:00 am. It was an interactive session among the staffs and members of the club. Members were divided into groups; each set started at a different hole to enable a smooth game. It was an impressive match and an excellent experience for us.

The Clubs’ members can choose to spend the whole day at the place; starting with playing golf or any other activity available at The Club, having a delicious meal at the restaurant, relaxing and swimming in the swimming pool with a drink from the bar and enjoying the sunshine on the sunbeds. Children love it too.

The current membership is GMD 9500 per adult. Children up to 12 years as a part of a family pay GMD 700 each. 

Pool membership is GMD 3500. 

Fees at joining GMD 2500. 

If you are a visitor of The Gambia and want to attend any of their activities or spend a whole day at The Club, ask for daily rates. All visitors need to be signed in. 

Contact for membership information
Photo Credit: Gremin K Manadan
Contact Details
Photo Credit: Gremin K Manadan
Photo Credit: Gremin K Manadan


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