Enter the Photographer of the year competition by My Gambia

Everybody enjoys a good picture. For us, photos are the window to the world. Many people haven’t been to the Gambia yet, many are hoping to come back soon, and pictures are the one thing that can make you feel closer to our beloved country.
We have encountered many talents on our way. And we were always happy to share their skills with you. This is why we want to encourage more people to share their passion for photography and show the world the beauty of photography together with the beauty of the Gambia
Photo Credit: Bitz Photography
My Magazine will soon be a year old, so we decided to start a Photographer of the Year Competition, beginning with the October 2021 Issue. Each month we would publish an article about the photographer together with the pictures of The Gambia. At the end of the year, our readers and followers will choose the best one amongst them. This is a unique opportunity to share your work with the world and be featured in one of the monthly issues.

The rules:

1. Apply to the competition by sending an email to media@my-gambia.com. The subject should be the Photographer of the Year Competition.
2. Send us a short write up about yourself.
3. Send us information where and when photos were taken.
4. Send us 15 to 30 photos of good quality, portraying Gambian life or scenery.

Photo Credit: Gremin K. Manadan

We will select the 12 best applicants to be featured monthly in My Magazine.

In October 2022, our readers will vote for the best one among the 12 to get the title of Photographer of the Year by My Gambia. The winner will be featured on the cover of the My Magazine November 2022 edition.

Your photos will be only used in the free article where we will introduce you and your photos of The Gambia and on social media where your photos of The Gambia will be promoted. We will not use your photos for any other reason or promotion of our platform. You can mark all photos with your watermark.   

You can submit your application by 1.11.2021.

Submitted and selected photos will be used exclusively for the purpose of photographer’s promotion in the article The Gambia through the lense. My Gambia does not reserve the rights for the pictures submitted. 


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