Enjoy your time in Bakau: Solomelo’s restaurant and bar

Have you ever been to Solomelo’s music venue, bar and restaurant in Bakau? It is one of the few restaurants open every day during the Covid-19 times in Bakau. The bar and restaurant is open the whole year-round.

What is special about it? Apart from the inviting ambiance which is modern in combination with African prints and details, the place offers good food and weekly evening music entertainment. On Thursday evenings they have live music. Usually, an acoustic set followed by a jam, where lots of Gambians and expats come to together to make beautiful music. Grab your guitar, drum, trumpet…and join them!

Gambian lunch is available every day, or you can select from a wide range of international dishes. Food enriched with spices and sauces tastes fresh and delicious. Some of our favourite choices are coconut cream sauce served with chicken kebab, spring rolls and banana split for dessert. Prices are affordable. 

What we love about the place is it has an airy terrace, with enough shade to hide from the hot midday sun and friendly staff that will always welcome you with a big smile and try their best to make your time at Solomelo’s pleasant.

Solomelo’s is owned by Michele and Sulay. It is currently offering a place to eat, a business meeting or a drink with your friends in the relaxing atmosphere, with free Wi-Fi, an African setting and good music.

Music is one thing that has a great value at Solomelo’s. Sulay is a singer and song writer. He wants to bring more music and life to Bakau. That is the main reason why they are building a venue where music events will be organised. Read more HERE.

Michele has passion and knowledge in the fashion field; hence she will soon be opening a shop where you will find beautiful African-inspired fashion pieces. She is also a CELTA qualified English teacher with lots of experience. She teaches at a local school and gives private lessons.

The music venue will be available to rent for other programs, such as workshops, business conferences, ceremonies and more. The music venue is finally coming together. There will be a spacious hall, able to hold up to 800 people with a side part for smaller events. The venue also has an upstairs and downstairs bar and a VIP area with a nice view of the spacious stage.

Come, taste their food and enjoy the relaxing atmosphere!

Open every day from 10 am until the last guest leaves.

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