It is so interesting how the same practice can be present in different cultures, environments and continents.
On what occasions do you give “salibo” to the children in your country?

“Salibo” is a tradition mainly practiced by children in The Gambia. It is a fun and joyful time during holidays and religious festivals when children dress their finest dresses, go around greeting family members, neighbours, friends and others throughout their villages, and ask for “salibo”, which is gifted money, during this greeting exchange. They run through the streets far past sundown, thrilled to have a few coins of their own.

Sometimes also adults join the kids in asking for “salibo”, which is mostly for the purpose of fun and enjoyment. Some groups of children will collect all the money together and use it to organize a small party with juice and sweets.

It is widespread practice that has been handed down to them by their elders, but this year is not allowed. In fact, everything is so different this year due to Covid-19.

If you are in The Gambia during any festive period, we recommend you to be part of the family traditional celebration. You will get to know the culture, tradition and religion in practice, and you might be surprised with their generosity, caring and charity activities, especially around religious festivals.

Eid Al Adha Mubarak from MyGambia family

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