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  • Gambian (15)
  • International (15)
  • African (12)
  • Continental (10)
  • Oriental (9)
  • Mediterranean (8)
  • Indian (5)
  • Moroccan (4)


  • Grill (14)
  • Pizza (14)
  • Salad (14)
  • Seafood (14)
  • Soups (14)
  • Burger (13)
  • Lamb (13)
  • Beef (12)
  • Pasta (12)
  • Rice (10)

Meal available

Meal available
  • Lunch (15)
  • Dinner (14)
  • Breakfast (13)
  • Snacks (13)
  • Brunch (5)


  • Vegan (15)
  • Vegetarian (15)
  • Halal (7)


  • Wide selection of cocktails (14)
  • Wide selection of wines (14)
  • Open all year (11)
  • Open all year  (11)
  • Fast food (10)
  • Wide selection of beers (10)
  • Wide selection of desserts (7)
  • Live music (5)
  • Wide selection of breads (5)
  • Wide selection of soft & box juices (1)


  • Senegambia (14)
  • Bakau (1)
  • Bijilo (1)
Healthy meals
Gambian, African, International, Continental

MANNA Bakery & Café

Manna Bakery & Café located in Kololi (former Dream Park) is owned by a Gambian businesswoman Fatou Njie. The idea of establishing Manna bakery was to specialize in preparing healthy and delicious meals for people...

Authentic Indian, Continental and Chinese Cuisine
Gambian, International, Continental, Oriental, Indian

Royalisto Multi Cuisine Restaurant & Bar

Overlooking the Bertil Harding Highway, Hotel Bakadaji's new restaurant, Royalisto Multicuisine, is set to take the culinary world by storm. The round bantaba-or-gazebo-style restaurant with a thatched roof is undoubtedly a different concept for a...

International Cuisine
Gambian, African, International, Continental, Oriental, Mediterranean, Moroccan

Yasmina Resto Bar

Yasmina Resto Bar is clean, airy and spacious. Brightly lit from the outside, yet with pockets of quiet ambience, is a perfect place to chill out, celebrate a special occasion, watch a football match, have...

Authentic Indian & International Cuisine
Gambian, African, International, Continental, Oriental, Mediterranean, Indian, Moroccan

Vineyard Multi Cuisine

Welcome to Vineyard Multi Cuisine Restaurant in Kololi, an exquisite dining establishment that takes you on a global culinary adventure. Situated in a stunning setting, Vineyard offers a diverse selection of international dishes and an...

African Friday Night Buffet, Saturday Salsa Night, Sunday Brunch & Sunday Evening Buffet
Gambian, African, International, Continental, Mediterranean

Lekukai Restaurant Of Bakadaji Hotel

Lekukai at Bakadaji Hotel is definitely a restaurant to add to your to-do list. With the African- and Continental-inspired menu, the restaurant caters to the needs of the guests staying in this beautiful environmentally friendly...

Indian & International Cuisine
Gambian, African, International, Continental, Oriental, Mediterranean, Indian, Moroccan

Saffron The Spice Kitchen

Named after a very important spice in Indian cuisine, Saffron is a renewed bar and restaurant from the Vineyard stable with authentic Indian and a wide range of International dishes, snacks and drinks.

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