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Have you checked the new products at Cherish Beach & Gift Shop?

In additional to swimsuits for ladies, men & kids, flip flops, slippers & sandals, beach towels, sunglasses, beach wear & cover ups, beach bags, sun creams, pool & beach floaties, swim rings, beach toys, tennis & frisbee games., you will find a new line of throw pillows, throw blankets, pom pom baskets, pompom placemats and a new line of crochet tops from Pat’s crochets.

Getting ready for the beach was never that easy – just one stop at Cherish beach & gift shop, we got it all!


Always struggling to find the perfect gift for your loved ones, you husband, wife, girlfriend, that sweet colleague at the office, the neighbour that helps you out, that best friend that is always there for you? NOT ANYMORE!

They got all kind of gift items perfectly suitable for your loved ones. Jewellery, fashion, ethnic or real silver, perfumes & cosmetics, bags and small have to haves, picture frames, watches for men & ladies, decorative and usable household items, art works and souvenirs. Also check out their bachelorette & wedding party assortment. Special Christmas, holiday, valentine, mother & father day gifts will be available.


They value creativity & out of the box thinking. In theri shop you find items that are proudly Gambian & handmade such as bags, pillows, cosmetics, art works & gift items, a collection of unique products from Morocco, Spain, Senegal as well as a selection of European products.


To make it even more easy for you to shop in your own time we are open daily from 11 in the morning till 7 at night.

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