Breastfeeding art exhibition by Ebrima Gitteh

The art exhibition is taking place at the NCAC, National Museum of The Gambia from 13th of February to 13th March 2021.

The young self-taught artist opened his exhibition with ten pieces around this important and emotional topic. The first aspect that calls the attention of the observer is the diversity of technical approaches, some naturalistic, some stylized towards abstraction, all from the last year’s production. Working with fast-drying acrylic paint allows a continuous dedication to the creative process.

Ebrima Gitteh describes his variations as “women breastfeeding no matter where” as the space surrounding the figures shows different environments. He uses found images and transforms the details into storytelling attributes: Fabrics, jewelry, furniture or landscape describe an African world, sometimes specifically Gambian, in which the bonding between mother and child represents love.

“Mansa Mouso” wears a queen’s crown in a cotton field, a detailed botanical description of a
meaningful plant he is noticeably well acquainted with. A cotton cloth wraps her and the child’s torso, embracing local tradition. The Wolof word for love, “Chofel” titles the double interpretation of an ancient theme, the care and nurturing of a future generation and the hope it represents. A cowry shell decorates the modern woman in “Throne” with the symbol of power, strength and prosperity.

Gitteh is at the beginning of an interesting path that transmits contents through a form that is not an African stereotype but seduces the viewer to submerge into his message.


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