Two years ago, we established My Gambia as the voice of tourism in The Gambia. Since day one, our goal has been to empower Gambian businesses and entrepreneurship, inform and inspire people around the world to travel to The Smiling Coast of Africa.

Our path has just started, and our goals are still far away, but we are committed to walking the long distance, climbing coconut palms, and crossing the desert.

When we look back, there are many things to write and talk about, but we decided to celebrate our 2nd anniversary instead.

Cake, good food, a nice place to stay and fantastic company sound perfect, right?

What else do we need to have fun?

Yes, you are right!

Birthday presents!!!

Some of our partners decided to support our idea of giving out birthday presents to My Gambia’s followers.

So, here comes our surprise and a list of fabulous presents! 


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