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Don't miss the opportunity for a most wonderful birding experience, suitable for anyone, from beginners to advanced birdwatchers.

A combination of a good tourist infrastructure, travel connections and knowledgeable people make The Gambia one of the primary birdwatching destinations in Africa. With a checklist of over 580 species and readily accessible sites, this small country offers a great introduction to African birding as well as retaining its appeal for those who have visited the country on previous occasions.


The Gambia has two distinct seasons. From November to June it experiences dry savannah winds, whereas from June to October there will be intermittent heavy rain and drizzle resulting in a fantastic greening of all the surroundings, the place is bursting with life!

This small country, on the mainland of Africa, attracts a tremendous variety of birds, due to the biodiversity found right throughout Gambia, from mangroves, to large canopied forest, to dry open savannah.

Plenty of migrant species are attracted from other continents, arriving in The Gambia to occupy the country from the coastal areas all the way inland towards the Eastern border, and varying from season to season.

The Gambia has many protected areas for birding and wildlife, where you will be able to look for all the interesting species you wish to see, accompanied by knowledgeable and friendly guides.

There are plenty of hotels, apartments, and lodges right across the country. A stay in one of the beautiful and unique eco lodges that can be found around The Gambia puts you right on the doorstep of the native wildlife! This range allows you to stay in your choice of accommodation and have access to a variety of fabulous birding itineraries in order to reach your targets.

There are several photography hides in The Gambia from the coast to the inland areas, from which you may be lucky enough to see some rare or shy specimens.

Don’t miss the opportunity for a most wonderful birding experience, suitable for anyone, from beginners to advanced.

Watch out for monthly reports and stunning photographs on birdwatching in The Gambia in future editions of My Gambia!


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