Bird of the month: Pied Kingfisher

Pied Kingfisher, or Ceryle rudis by its Latin name, is a 25 to 27 cm tall bird that is easily distinguished by its black and white colour. It has a black crown and a long black beak, the feather on its wings forms a scale like black and white pattern.
To distinguish male from female, you have to notice the black breast band. Adult females have a single incomplete band while the adult male has a double breast-band different in width. The juvenile Pied Kingfisher resembles a female bird but has fringed brown feathers on lores, throat and breast, while gape is pink.
You will be able to spot Pied Kingfisher all across The Gambia, whole year-round. It is a common resident, which can be seen in pairs or small parties in open areas on rivers, lagoons, mangroves, lakes and creeks.
The name can tell this bird is excellent in catching fish since it is an almost exclusive feed for them. They plunge-dive for their catch from a low perch or hovering flight.
Their voice is high-pitched and vocal, and they are known for three different types of calls depending on whether they are in flight, on a perch, coming from perch or signalling a threat.

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