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October issue

So, we all want to be happy, right? Well I am here to give my take, backed up by some research and life experience having been a residential social worker, teacher, personal trainer, and exercise instructor, on how to achieve the most principled achievement, HAPPINESS.

There are many approaches, but I am here to suggest the holistic route is the best because if you don’t clog up all the holes the leak will still occur. Therefore, your health, fitness and mental state (some might add spirituality) are all to be taken in hand, considered, and worked on.

Over a period of time I will give focus to an area that helps determine our wellbeing. The first and very important of these being our immune system which is a part of our biological make up that defends the body against infection. Especially during this time of Covid 19 when several external measures are being put in place from lock in to lockdown, curfew, self-isolation, masks and do not forget to wash your hands! I personally believe that greater attention should be given as to how we can build up our immune system.

There are three vitamins that I have read about from different sources that are crucial in boosting our immune. Vitamins A, C and D. Vitamin A and C can be got from food such as, A: sweet pepper, avocado, carrot, egg, fish, broccoli. C: lime, lemon, orange also banana, string beans, lettuce. And as for D: you get that from the sun.

What I love about using nutritional sources from food is that its easily achievable with minimal side effects its natural and taste good. And as for that good old sun, well that is why we are here in The Gambia, isn’t it?

Who is Binta?

With a passion for dance since she was a child, she took that passion and became a dance teacher. From dance teacher to Zumba instructor the passion lives on. She brings it to her classes to energise and motivate others. Dance coupled with music keeps us fit and most importantly keeps us happy. We welcome all to join her in this pursuit.


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