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Binta Bah, dance teacher, Zumba instructor and personal trainer takes care of our health in My Magazine by offering useful tips which cost nothing but are priceless. Self-awarness, self-motivation and self-determination are the highlights of March's issue.

Greetings from Binta Bah.

What if I told you you could go shopping and bag yourself some SELF AWARENESS, SELF MOTIVATION, SELF DETERMINATION and at the checkout, there was some SELF ESTEEM amongst the other goodies to ease that extra Dalasi out of your wallet? Just like in the summer sales in England would you start to queue from 6.00 am in the morning to avoid the disappointment of stocks running out before you make your purchase? If you could only buy one which would be your first choice?

Unfortunately, these SELVES are not for sale. You have to earn them using other methods. The benefits for achievement is so rewarding that you are guaranteed to take giant steps towards happiness and success.

What prevents us from being self-aware? We are the leading experts on who we are. Some research has suggested that less than 20% of people have a true understanding of what makes them tick. Maybe they don’t take the time to ponder on the matter.

Self-motivation to accomplish your goals seems crucial in life. How would we ever get anything done without it? But without deadlines and a  boss who would be bothered to get to work on time or even go in at all?

Self-determination can be a little more tricky. Yes, you can be free to be what you want to be but there are restrictions such as the law and isms of course.

Self-esteem should be a given. We all should love ourselves for the unique beings we are. Perhaps if we didn’t have mirrors or comparisons it would be an easier feat.

So how to achieve the four selves? 

Let’s start with self-awareness

A small task would be to note your strengths, weaknesses, what makes you happy and what makes you sad (be honest). There are self-help books and theories, but for a quick fix just keep it simple and make a list. Then you can set about improving areas that are not as strong and avoiding things that don’t turn you on.

Lack of self-motivation is sometimes explained by someone being too lazy. In some cases that might be true but for the majority there is usually a blockage. If everything is made up of energy, including ourselves, then energy needs to flow to work at its optimum. If there is a blockage caused by depression,  stress, fatigue or undernourishment this negative energy will have an affect on how well you perform. Try a detox to get rid of toxins. Look at your diet to make sure you are getting a balance of the 6 main nutrients that the body needs protein,  vitamins, carbohydrates, fats, minerals and plenty of water. Exercise is a must to release those “happy feeling” endorphins and to keep you fit and trim. Also, still the mind with meditation to relieve stress and anxiety. Positive thinking goes a long way to achieving your goals.

Self-determination is ideas followed by decisions followed by action. Say what you want e.g. to live in The Gambia.  Then decide the how, when and why. Then book that ticket and off you jolly well go with your research made and plans for sustainability developed.

The last on our wish list is self-esteem. When we know ourselves and are motivated to do what is needed for our personal vision of a happy and successful life, when we have made decisions solidified through actions as to what we want to be then we will definitely feel better about our self-worth. My advice is to look at yourself as a holiday package deal this doesn’t blind you to the fact that the pool is a wee small or the view from your balcony isn’t as good as your nieghbour’s, however the service is amazing, the meals are superb and you get on really well with the other guest. All in all you’d give yourself a 4 out of 5, right! Not perfect but pretty good.

Once you know who you are by paying attention to the details. You have analysed,  criticised and  have made your appraisal, put yourself back together like a completed jigsaw puzzle. Admire the whole picture.

You are multi-layered and skilled you are an intricate human being made up of good and bad. You wouldn’t be you if you were different.

Finally, setting goals with your new and improved self-motivational tactics, be realistic and think bite-size. It is so much easier to manage a mouthful of cake rather than stuffing the whole thing in your mouth at once. One bite at a time (one step at a time) gets you having your cake and eating  it too.

About Author

Binta Bah

Dance teacher, Zumba instructor, personal trainer
With a passion for dance since she was a child, she took that passion and became a dance teacher. From dance teacher to Zumba instructor the passion lives on. She brings it to her classes to energise and motivate others. Dance coupled with music keeps us fit and most importantly keeps us happy. We welcome all to join her in this pursuit.

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