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Greetings from Binta Bah, here to put the “New” back into New Year Resolutions. First thing first, Happy New Year for 2021. Did you make a new year resolution? If so, do you think your resolutions have been affected by what has taken place in 2020? There are some who wait with baited breath for that count down to midnight when, with closed eyes, they make a promise, inwardly or to the stars, that this is the year when... If so, join numbers dating back over 4000 years, since the ancient Babylonians, who gave offerings so they could be granted their hearts desire by the gods.

The beginning of a new year is a great opportunity to reflect and rethink. It could be a second chance because a new year can symbolise a fresh start. This is the time when people set out on new journeys and courses for example Gyms have a high increase in memberships at the beginning of the year. Its a good time to take stock look at where you’re at, to think about your happiness, your wellbeing, your health even your wealth (or lack of it). A time to make decisions regarding what is important to you, prioritise then set about getting what you want.

Or are you a non believer who considers it a waste of time? Have you given up on making promises that are broken annually? Do you say them quietly to yourself instead of a public announcement so as not to be held accountable by witnesses? Perhaps you’re tired of making the same resolutions each year to no avail with bad habits remaining unbroken and goals unattained. After a few months the levels of gym attendance drops, diets go out the window and addictive tendencies resume. Some studies have shown that 80% of new year resolutions fail (which is a very high percentage) and that 60% only last a few months into the year. Is this reason for scrapping the idea because it seems that these promises are hard to keep?

I am of the mind set that making a new year resolution is a positive endeavour. I am a firm believer in good intentions. to say it out loud or to yourself can act as reaffirmation of your principles, hopes and expectations. It is positive because words can become actions. Remember there is still the 20% who will quit smoking, drinking and improve their lives whether taking on a healthy diet, exercising, a hobby or interest. We can always be a part of the “twenty percenters”. Let’s also bare in mind that not all resolutions are based around self gain. Many wishes consider the wellbeing of others and some extend to hopes for the whole world.

My resolution is to put into practice all the things I already know about how to be healthy. My focus is “health first” in 2021. If we were to do all the things we know is needed to be healthy we could achieve that goal. And If you don’t personally know you know who to ask or where to get the relevant information. I want to be the ‘healthy me’. Introduce that which is good for the body, mind and soul and desist from consuming bad or at least moderating the naughty things. We are the experts on our own happiness. We take steps all the time to be happy like for me coming to Gambia. That’s one of the promises I made to myself and kept.

Please read and enjoy some new year’s resolutions shared by family and friends:

All family and friends to be safe and well and to see them all again soon. Good health and a larger greenhouse.

I would like an end to Covid, a return to normality and to be able to see and hug friends and loved ones. The downfall of this Tory government. A kinder world order that safeguards human rights and the natural environment. A rejuvenated UN with stronger powers to uphold international laws with impartiality and authority to arrest and hold despotic leaders to account for their crimes against humanity. A treaty banning the use of nuclear weapons. An armaments embargo on warring factions.

To be happy, to be peaceful and to avoid toxic people and their toxic problems. To be healthy and most importantly to show myself the same kindness and compassion that I show others.

Avoid vampires and headlice more than Covid.

To widen my focus from finance and me & mine to community and health.

To be healthy and happy.

To unite all the diasporians and Africans through food.

Peace, love, unity and back to the normal life. Better my health…physically and spiritually.

Give up alcohol.

To love and be loved. Stay healthy, wealthy, and wise…with Gods blessings and always be thankful.

To love you more.

More and more gratitude and more focus and to battle these love handles.

I’ve started with healthier food again and looking forward to make Zumba in the new year.

Be kinder to myself. Create a more positive attitude. Strengthen my personal relationship. Enjoy more little things and bring more peace to myself.

I don’t make new year’s resolutions any longer, however I will keep thinking positive and praying for my melanin folks to become stronger, spiritually going forward with the guidance of the almighty creator of all things.

My new year’s resolution is stop smoking.

About Author

Binta Bah

Dance teacher, Zumba instructor, personal trainer
With a passion for dance since she was a child, she took that passion and became a dance teacher. From dance teacher to Zumba instructor the passion lives on. She brings it to her classes to energise and motivate others. Dance coupled with music keeps us fit and most importantly keeps us happy. We welcome all to join her in this pursuit.

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