Bintang Bolong Lodge, serene paradise among mangroves

In less than two hours’ drive from the coastal region, you can enjoy a peaceful day or week in an eco-friendly environment at Bintang Bolong Lodge in the village of Foni Bintang. This place is one of the most popular spots for a cosy and relaxing holiday in the arms of nature with food fresh from nature to nourish your body during your stay. It is surrounded by the peaceful chirping of birds and the serenity of nature.
Already on the way to the Bintang, you will see this place will ensure a detox from the lively and busy life of the Banjul and Kombo Regions. A small village will greet you with a heartbeat of simple daily life in the Foni area. Just before the road leads to the river, you will meet some strong baobabs, which will show you the path to Bintang Bolong Lodge.
Entering through the passage of wooden reception, continuing your way on a gravelled path in the middle of mangroves embraced with a mixture of fresh and salty water, will lead you to the wooden platform carrying a floating restaurant with a perfect view of the river. You will be able to sit in one of the comfortable bamboo sofas or chairs and enjoy every carefully selected detail of wooden carvings, which beautify the deck together with some flower pots.
Soon you will realize why this place is a beloved spot for weekend getaways, relaxing weeks in nature, birdwatching, fishing, lazy boat trips, meditation spots or reconnecting and recharging with the stillness of the environment.

The amazing thing about this place is the river view which can be accessed directly from your room and the restaurant’s deck. Lodge offers 18 different rooms; four deluxe, six bungalows and eight inland rooms. If you decide on the deluxe room or bungalow, you will surely enjoy a direct view of the river from the private deck. If you love fishing, what better spot would you choose to enjoy your stay as the combination of comfort and your favourite leisure activity.

The accommodation is basic but neat and clean, with the warm feel of wood and mosquito nets to protect you from unpleasant bites. You will be able to enjoy peace and intimacy by each unit being separated and wooden paths amongst mangroves leading you to your temporary home.
Even if you do not plan to book accommodation at Bintang Bolong Lodge, you can enjoy a whole day in this beautiful place with different activities to try. You can go on a fishing trip with a rowboat or motor fishing boat. Their newest adventure offered is the river cruise with their brand-new boat. They also offer bird watching, guided tours and cultural performances by villagers. For bigger groups, they organize cultural nights in the village and cooking lessons with a local family. You can also rent a bike, a paddleboat or a jeep for two to explore the beautiful environment of Bintang.

Are you interested in a boat trip?

You can join one of their regular tourist boat cruise excursions or hire a boat for any of your special occasions such as birthday celebrations, weddings, or just a private boat trip with friends or family. You can combine company retreat with accommodation and the boat cruise or one of the many other activities Bintang Bolong Lodge has to offer.

Basic Boat Cruise

GMD 800 per person
  • Boat trip includes lunch and bottle of water

Standard Boat Cruise

GMD 1000 per person
  • Boat trip includes breakfast. lunch and bottle of water
Bintang Bolong Lodge is not only a calm, peaceful and relaxing environment lying in the heart of nature but also a place where you can enjoy delicious and natural food. Freshly caught seafood, carefully prepared in a simple and delicious combination with vegetables from the local market, daily harvested from the gardens and farms, will be one of the reasons why you will always want to come back. Their Restaurant and Bar is sitting on the shore of the beautiful River Gambia, and it’s open from 7 am till midnight. Prices are affordable and the staff very friendly. Here you can enjoy breakfast, lunch and dinner and combine it with chilling out in an embrace of nature, catching sun on the deck or just resting in one of their hammocks or lying chairs.
To book your trip, call or text +220 704 3081 and make sure to follow Bintang Bolong Lodge on FB and know about their latest improvements. There is always something new going on there.
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