Behind the lens – Tanji

October issue

Photostory of Tanji


Colorful, coastal, fishing village where you can enjoy the beaches and birdwatching. It is a very special experience to see the hectic, noisy, colorful scene of a Gambian fishing community at work. When the fishing boats land with the day’s catch in late afternoon, people descend on the beach in their hundreds, briefly transforming a tranquil fishing village into a loud, colorful marketplace. Ladies are running into to the water, shouting out to barter for the fish.


Your next stop after captivating experience of Tanji fishing community should be the Tanji Village Museum. It’s just about a kilometre beyond the Tanji village. With an admission fee of 200 Dalasi, you’re in for a rich cultural experience that will blow your mind. The museum is an ethnographic and natural history museum open to the public in 1997.


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