Beach of the month: Kololi Beach

What is more enjoyable than spending a day on the beaches in The Gambia? One of the best and most famous beaches in the Gambia for tourists is Kololi beach - our beach of the month. 
The Kololi beach is the heart of Gambian tourism that attracts both locals and tourists, even expats in the low season, but tourists mostly visit it during the tourist season. This unsplit beach is absolute heaven. It stretches from around the monkey park to Poco Loco beach bar.

Things to do

Visit Monkey Park

This is where you can see different types of monkeys in the Bijilo forest, very close to the beach. There are tourist guides in the park who are paid to take you on a guided tour.

Enjoy the taste of local juices and fruits

The beach is flooded with fruit sellers and local juice bars that can cater for you and quench your thirst all the time. There are numerous juice bars on the beach, and a new fruit market is being built beside Swiss Tavern.

Horseback Riding

Enjoy some horse riding with horse keepers that will take you on timed rides on this splendid beach.

Play football with locals

Like other beaches in The Gambia, you can play football with locals and join wrestling contests or evening jogs with boys.

Hauling fishing nets from the ocean

If you like fishing or are interested in some tug of war games, you can join local fishermen to haul nets from the sea in the morning or late evening.

Dance with Assan aka ARTIST AFRICA

Assan aka Mr. ARTIST AFRICA is an entertainer on the beach with a unique motorbike coloured in Jamaican flags who can teach you some dance skills ranging from Jembe dances, hip-hop, breakdances etc. He is always fun to be with and most of the time available around Poco Loco.
Places to dine and wine on the beach

1.Swiss Tavern beach bar and restaurant (now Choosan)

This beach bar and restaurant serves international and local cuisine and offers sunbeds and drinks on the beach.

2. Kololi Boat Bar snacks and restaurant is located right on the beach at Kololi Beach Resort. It is an ideal place to soak up in the sun and relax, finds shade under the palm trees, and locally made umbrellas.

3. Kairaba Beach front is where the Malimbe restaurant is located and offers you a wide variety of food and drinks while you enjoy the breeze from the sea.

4. Senegambia Beach Front is a magnificent place as it features the Atlantic Beach Bar and restaurant which is a great dining place for beach lovers, and it overlooks the sea and pool area which makes it perfect for sunbathing and swimming in the ocean. You can also enjoy sunsets on its terrace as the sun disappears into the sea.

5. The Baobab Beach Bar located just after Senegambia beach hotel is operated by Gambians. They provide sunbeds and local umbrellas for sun lovers, and food and drinks in their bar and restaurant.

6. Poco Loco Beach Bar Poco Loco Beach Bar and Restaurant is a trendy beach bar that attracts both locals and tourists throughout the year. The place is known for its good sound system, regular entertainment program and good food.

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