Street food – Ebbeh

Ebbeh is one of the most popular street foods in The Gambia, consumed by almost everyone, both young and old, male and female. It is also served at traditional ceremonies like weddings, initiations, naming ceremonies, birthday parties and even on social gatherings in the communities. Some share opinion that a party without ebbeh is a boring party. Some will keep their stomachs empty so there will be enough space for ebbeh!

Ceremonies in The Gambia

There is a fantastic choice of cultural music in the tourist spots in The Gambia. In the hotels and many of the bars and restaurants around you can see reggae groups, cover bands, African drumming and dancing, and great musicians playing an array of traditional instruments. But for a really wonderful experience of true Gambian musical culture there is nothing better than attending a local celebration and party!

Gambian herbs – mbor mbor

Mbor mbor, as it is called in the Wolof language in The Gambia, does not have a specific botanical name, as this wild shrub grows in many different forms and is very widespread in the savannah landscape of West Africa. It comes from the family Lippia chevalieri Moldenke. Morphologically, however, it is very close to the Lippia multiflora family, commonly known as “Gambian tea”.

Vivid heritage

Gambians have always been firmly attached to their vivid heritage, and it is well-manifested in their colorful ensembles that are finessed to perfection and accessorized with hints of traditional elegance, giving them a prominent status in the cultural department.

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