APS Nduga Service, the bridge between you and your loved ones in The Gambia

Do you have a family or friends in the Gambia who you want to help to get the daily food necessities in the house? You don’t know how? There is an easy way to do it straight from the comfort of your sofa.

APS International Ltd is the leading International Money Transfer Service to The Gambia, offering FAST, RELIABLE, SAFE and CONVENIENT money transfer services from abroad. They offer a wide range of services, which are easy to use and quick to utilize. You can send money for Instant Cash Pick-up, Rural Money Transfer, or transfer money directly into your Bank Account in The Gambia. You can use APS Holiday Cash (POS) service and transfer money to yourself whilst on holiday in The Gambia using POS Service at any of numerous branches across the country. APS International also allows you to buy and send power and mobile credit for yourself or your family and friends in The Gambia. But one of the favourite services of APS International is surely the Nduga Service.

With Nduga Service, you can order all the groceries online and have them delivered to any address in The Gambia for free.
After the order is completed, your loved ones will receive a call from the agent, and in no time, free delivery of the groceries will be made from the nearest store.
This is a perfect solution to send groceries to your family from the diaspora, gift your friends in The Gambia for the big holidays, even buy building materials, or take away your worries of going to the market.
APS will let you CONCENTRATE on your other important tasks whilst they take care of your Nduga Shopping.

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