APS brings water to the community of Dibba Kunda

Water is essential to people's lives, and every person should be able to access clean and safe drinking water. Having safe drinking water is challenging for people residing in upcountry areas. Many projects have been launched to help people abiding in the up countries to access clean drinking water.
The people of Dibba Kunda have strived all their lives to access water. They would spend a whole day without water. When they would get little water, they would have to manage it as much as possible to go through all the chores in the house.
It went on until one day, a journalist from Fatu Network, a Gambian media house, met women from the village while washing clothes. She saw how they were washing too many clothes with too little water, so she approached them. These people expressed their struggle and the need for help. The lady promised that she would bring help for them.

As a part of their corporate social responsibility, APS International decided to build a borehole after seeing news coverage on social media from a community in acute need of safe and clean drinking water in their village. With the help of the contractor, VIP Service, which is involved in borehole construction, sollar installations etc., the project started immediately, and a borehole was constructed for the community of Dibba Kunda Wollof in Sabasanjal District.

The handing over ceremony was on Sunday, 19th September 2021.
As the leading international money transfer company to The Gambia, APS Money Transfer is a Gambian owned money transfer company that takes pride in giving back to our community. This project is one of many APS Money Transfer has embarked on in The Gambia.
The significance of this project is bringing the most vital service to the community of Dibba Kunda in the provision of safe and clean drinking water for their people.
The people of Dippa Kunda expressed their sincere excitement about gaining access to the water. The alkalo of the village spoke:
˝A hungry man is in a hurry to fill his belly. We are very grateful for what APS has done for our little village. But we will still plead for people to help and allow us to get two more boreholes to supply adequate water to the whole village.˝
APS International is not only investing back in the country but also creating awareness that even in this 21st Century, we still have parts of our community who cannot access safe and clean drinking water. This act will also encourage more businesses like APS Money Transfer to support such communities for the nation’s development.
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