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When you choose us, you will feel the benefit of Africa in our blood. Living here and having excellent connections ensures receiving first-hand information.

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We are a multicultural and multilingual team of well-trained service professionals providing excellent services and personal expertise to curious travellers.

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We breathe and live The Gambia. We treat your travel experience like it's our own and take pride in sharing the beauty of The Gambia with you.

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We preserve local culture through respect, education, and monetary support while ensuring a meaningful and genuine encounter of authenticity.

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Each key element in your personalized travel plan is created based on comfort, character, and, most importantly, your individual travel goals.

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We will always go one step further to not only make your wish come true but to realize your unrevealed longings.

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Most popular accommodation

Discover beautiful accommodations with MyGambia. Book now and let us take care of the rest for you. The Gambia offers a wide variety of accommodations with pools, beaches and numerous different cuisines.

Tamala Beach Resort

Tamala Resort is an adults only hotel (16+) opened with the ethos of delivering a unique and individual African holiday experience. ​ Located directly on the beach of the Atlantic Ocean this adult...

Tamala Beach Resort

Camara Gardens Apartments

A clean and modern cosy “home from home in the sun” with African influences. The 4 individual Apartments share the crystal clean pool and are set in calming gardens which has an array of tropical ...

Camara Gardens Apartments

Bojang River Lodge

Bojang River Lodge is an informal setting but suitable for leisure and business alike; it is warm and welcoming with a combination of Gambian tradition and modern style rooms, which allows you to rela...

Bojang River Lodge

Coco Ocean Resort & Spa

Nestled beneath the Kuoni trees and blooming hydrangea flowers, is where you shall first discover the iconic domes of this boutique-style property. The moorish architecture is set amongst well manicur...

Coco Ocean Resort & Spa


How to fit into the Gambian culture

When arriving at a new travel destination, what can happen is often a cultural shock. And many times, certain things might seem unlogical, s...

Green Guide of Open Restaurants

In August's issue, we again focused on green season options for visitors of The Gambia.... because The Gambia is an all-year-round destinati...

Services that every tourist should know

There are many services in The Gambia that can be very useful for visitors. We thought it would be great to list some of them. ...

Covid 19 INFO

On this page you can read all the information regarding COVID-19 in The Gambia...

31 Reasons To Visit The Gambia

“Where will I go next?” That’s the question every travel-lover daydreams about regularly. Where will their next adventure take them, a...

Cycling in The Gambia

Cycling - a hobby, a sport, an exercise or a mode of transport. The cycle is and will always play a role in our lives. Whether you cycle or ...

Cotton Trail Art

Have you ever been to a market where you flick through beautiful posters, pictures or postcards? Imagine doing that with a pile of artwork o...

Our partners

In Africa is all about who you know. Our connection with partners is not based only on business - we are fans and supporters of each other who share a mutual vision for The Gambia as one of the greatest travel jewels in the world. We are proud to work, collaborate with, and recommend our partners to you.

APS - No. 1 choice for Money Transfer to The Gambia

Are you living in the diaspora and looking for a SAFE, RELIABLE, and INSTANT money transfer service to The Gambia? Then, APS MONEY TRANSFER is your number ONE STOP SHOP for all your Money, C...

Services Plus Gambia: Make your arrival and departure easy

Ever wanted to travel through borders like a VIP - Like someone special - a celebrity. Or have you ever dreaded the weariness of passing through a cumbersome, long, slow-moving queue to get ...

Coco Ocean: The Venue of Venues

Walking into Coco Ocean Resort & Spa, whether you are a guest or attending an event, the first thing that strikes you as you get past the tall Moroccan styled gate is the flora, the greenery...

Tamala Beach Resort Tour

At Tamala Beach Resort, you can experience a unique and individual African holiday. Tamala beach resort is located directly on the Atlantic Ocean, offering a perfect combination of lush gree...

Balafon Beach Resort, a piece of hidden paradise

Set on the sandy shores of the Atlantic Ocean in the popular coastal town of Kololi in The Gambia, Balafon Beach Resort is an adults only hotel (16+) offering a unique blend of traditional a...

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