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Dear readers!

Welcome to My Magazine's August issue.

As we go through the green season, we are constantly reminded that The Gambia is wonderful all year round, each month, for different reasons. As we enjoy the abundance of fresh mangoes from the trees and admire the green sceneries of nature, we are also preparing for a greater step into making the planning of your holidays easier and an all-under-one-roof. Make sure you follow us on our social media to be informed about the latest updates on our online platform for travellers to The Gambia. 

This month we tuned in with Coly Cisse, a skilled guitar player, had a long and intriguing conversation with Switzerland-based physiotherapist from The Gambia, Mariama Hiestand-Saho, learned why The Gambia is a good destination for vegan travellers and enjoyed monthly columns of our authors Amy, Angelika and Melissa. 

We cooked chicken yassa, prepared kaba juice, and rediscovered the great taste of nana. We were spotting for Red-winged pytilia, enjoyed our trip in Bakau and spent a lovely time on the beach in Sanyang.

We prepared the listing of selected opened restaurants in August, so you can always check where to go for pleasant dining. We were in many places to bring you the feel of it.

Are you thinking of investing in The Gambia? Learn more about Airport Residency and The Edge. 

We answered some of the frequent questions like why would you choose The Gambia over other African countries, where to order food and goods online and get them delivered to your doorstep, which exotic fruits grow in The Gambia, and how to send money to the Gambia in a fast, reliable and secure way, where to rent an office for a day, which dishes, desserts and drinks can be made out of mango and how organic peanut paste is made. Also, learn where you can order a healthy snack to your office or home and how to make a departure from The Gambia stress-free.

In the My Charity section, we learn about Gambia Ocean Heros and the importance of turtle conservation and congratulate 28 graduates of Kids are the World Nursery School. 

Enjoy reading, watching and listening. 
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In addition to sun, sea and sand, The Gambia offers so much more for the visitors. Beautiful nature and wildlife, diverse culture, interesting history, colorful villages and markets, wide range of accommodation places, national and international restaurants and so much more.

While you will explore the land of smiling people, you will be often invited to their homes. Visiting a family compound and having a chance to look in their daily life might be your favorite experience from your travel.

It is advisable to use a common sense when accepting an invitation. There are numerous of hosts, local guides and taxi drivers that you can trust but avoid invitations from the strangers on the street which you haven't met before.

Families won't ask you to pay anything for your experience but leaving a gift for them will make them very happy, especially if you will visit a financially poor family.

Welcome to The Gambia, the smiling coast of Africa.

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The Gambia is a heaven for travellers who love people, animals and nature. There are many historical sites as well but what you will never forget are the people you will meet, the animals you will see and the nature you will admire.

Did you know that The Gambia has become one of the rare destinations in the world where chimpanzees live in relative freedom—without bars or cages—on three lush, forested islands? 

Chimpanzees Rehabilitation Project was initially established by the late Stella Marsden, nee Brewer. She returned to The Gambia and worked with her father, the late Eddie Brewer in the newly founded Abuko Nature Reserve in 1968. In January 1974, she founded the project as a solution for the group of confiscated orphan chimps in her care. (Stella Brewer, The Forest Dwellers; www.chimprehab.com). 

In 1979, an island sanctuary was established in the River Gambia National Park. 

Today it is home to more than 140 chimpanzees who live in four groups on islands spanning 1,500 acres — providing refuge for four chimpanzee social groups along with Guinea baboons, green monkeys, red colobus monkeys, hippos, more than 240 species of birds and a variety of other wildlife, and birds. 

Janis Carter, a primatologist who came to The Gambia in 1977, runs and maintains the open-air sanctuary while also working to protect the region’s habitat, provide local environmental education and foster community development (https://friendsofanimals.org/chimpanzee-refugee-project/).

You will find more reasons why you should choose The Gambia over other African countries in our upcoming August issue of My Magazine. 

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We live in The Gambia so think of us as your virtual guide.

Our online magazine will help you find detailed and verified information about accommodation places, restaurants, excursions, and other activities that suit your needs.

Your time, your most valuable asset, will be fulfilled with creative suggestions about where to go and what to do.

By being independent travel explorers, we are spending a lot of time on the road ourselves, scouting out accommodation places, deepening relationships with locals involved, and finding places to eat and enjoy.

We will expand a casual sun, sea and sand vacation into an amazing experience that you will keep as a memory for life.

Marina Webb

Love The Gambia So colourful & warm friendly people On my bucket list ( One Day )👍

Marleen Rodiers

love the Gambia and the people nice website with good information

Sandra Rose Slater

Beautiful friendly and helpful people nothing is too much trouble for them to help you. Love the place so much. x

Momodou Cham Persson

Awsome, friendly and beautiful

Kathy Ivy

It is a wonderful and friendly place to visit especially Senegambia and the beaches

Christine Allen

There are not enough superlatives to describe The Gambia. Beautiful country with beautiful people. You can have everything from great music with the party feel to the tranquility of the most amazing beaches with picturesque views all around you. Give it ago believe me you won't regret it. Lots to see and enjoy. Experiences of a lifetime. I❤️Gambia 😍

Lamin Njie Jr.

Welcoming you to the platform for your guide in the Smiling Coast, should you visit Gambia. Thanks to www.my-gambia.com

Ousman Bk Jawoh

Beautiful sandy beaches, warm weather, friendly and hospitable people, rich cultural heritage, historical sites, bird watching, hippo citing, baboon citing and many more interesting things.

Our initial story is based on our long-term activities in the field of education, sustainable tourism and knowledge exchange. 
We live and breathe The Gambia and we are here to bring that experience to you. 
We intend to put The Gambia on a world tourism map as a destination, which can offer a wide range of sights, tastes, sounds and feelings.
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